Code Craft is a fictitious web design firm that I created, that uses traditional advertising to promote their services and locations. Code Craft emphasizes the hands on craft of websites and connection to the local community through illustrative posters, booklets, and a client welcome package.
You can check out the website and portfolio pieces that I built for Code Craft here.
A client welcome package that would be sent out to the new clients. Includes a booklet that gives a rundown on what working with Code Craft to create a website for their business would be like, and just generally what it's like to be apart of the Code Craft Family. 
The posters to advertise each location that Code Craft has offices in. Would be used as promotional items, advertisements, and gifts to both employees and clients.
The posters each had vector illustrations of a few major buildings from each city, and the maps were hand drawn. It was a beautiful way to tie together technical illustrations and more organic illustrations, and I believe that it really spoke to the name CodeCraft.
Thanks for viewing!! 
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